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WHAT MAKES QUADKUT SAFETY KNIFE SO UNIQUE? QUADKUT heralds a new era in the realm of professional and hobbyist safety knives, this patented tool cuts single ply composites and many other materials with ease, it provides speed and accuracy similar to powered equipment for a fraction of comparable purchase or running costs. When QUADKUT is manually driven forward, a lifting plate between the rear wheels tensions material as it reaches the knife blade, this unique patented feature facilitates a smooth and accurate cutting operation. QUADKUT can cut a multitude of material ranging from wide format advertising banners through to trimming of posters and photographs, no matter how big or small the cutting operation QUADKUT is an essential tool to enhance any industrial workshop or home tool kit.

QUADKUT, (SAFETY CHARACTERISTICS). This manually operated cutter sits comfortably in either hand using a replaceable blade shielded in such a way that when the knife is in use direct contact between fingers and blade is impossible, this unparalleled safety feature provides the user with matchless levels of safety therefore minimum risk of injury.

QUADKUT is ideal for cutting Technical Textiles and synthetic membranes. In relevant industries cutting such material is commonly fulfilled using powered equipment but though modern machines are produced with safety in mind they can cause serious injury even fatalities if improperly used, not-withstanding their additional hazards such as noise. QUADKUT is capable of performing many of the cutting operations fulfilled by powered machinery but conversely is entirely safe to use, requires no hearing, eye or hand protection and there is no possibility of electrocution or injury caused by moving parts and blades.

QUADKUT (Ecological & Practical Considerations) Cutting machinery used by the technical textile industry is often fitted with guidance tracks either above or within their bench, this feature can restrict the cutting position as well as limiting the cutting length. Guidance rails used with hand held rotating knives are also limited in length and impractical to use through having to be positioned beneath material being cut. QUADKUT on the other hand has no width, length or alignment constraints, it will cut in limitless positions using any guidance means coming to hand, most importantly the straight edge is positioned on the surface of material to be cut. Width, length or positional cutting parameters of QUADKUT are countless, it is simple to use, operable using either hand, economical to buy and run all of which make it the ideal tool to assist fabrication of banners, tarpaulins, tents, sails, card, paper, foils, PVC sheeting and much more. When choosing equipment in the modern political climate, environmental considerations are of course are a determining factor, the introduction of manually driven QUADKUT rather than powered equipment into the workplace will assist the ecological compliance that is currently the duty of every modern day industrialist.

QUADKUT (FEATURES) Unlike most manual knives QUADKUT has no undercut meaning there is no residual damage to work surfaces. No particular skills are required when using QUADKUT it is equally suited to professional and hobbyist user and safe enough to be entrusted to users from almost any age group. Very easy to use, simply align the cutter to the required cutting position, place the lifting plate below the material to be cut then using light pressure move the equipment forward, cutting starts immediately.

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